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What is employee disengagement
costing your organization?


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25 year

“I have done business with Jim now for two years and he has helped me tremendously with my management skills development.  His help in showing us how to maintain communication and culture while experiencing rapid growth has had a huge impact on our success.

Jim’s ability to synergize and bond relationships between the shop floor and top management is one of his greatest strengths.

He brings a fresh and objective third party look at everything from new hire candidates to inter-company development and future planning. I consider him a valuable resource to our operation.”

Reece McIver, COO
Loadcraft Industries, Ltd.



Are you a manager or supervisor frustrated with all the nitpicking and conflicts between employees? Do you experience frequent workplace interpersonal communication breakdowns? It’s tiring and stressful to constantly be managing workplace relationships.

You’re not alone if you long for a more cohesive and productive team. You want workers who attract customers and contribute creatively; who get along and work well together. Employees who consider your company a great place to work!

What if you could become a better manager, inspiring your team to improve the quality of their interactions with customers and co-workers? Not only would you spend less time ‘relationship refereeing’, you’d see productivity skyrocket as employees become more engaged.

Hi, I’m Jim Rooney, the owner of People Smart Tools. Since 1985, I’ve provided personal skills, management training and coaching to thousands. Our services bring out the best in employees by sharpening their personal skills. We are focused on helping people work well with people. We provide programs to improve morale and productivity such as:


People Smart Workshops - three workshops that help you develop workplace interpersonal communication skills to become a more successful leader and improve your influence with those you supervise.

Employee Selection - a step-by-step system for hiring the right person that goes beyond the traditional resume and interview process. Our process includes benchmarking the job (find out what the job needs) and comparing potential applicant’s assessment results to the job benchmark. A Harvard University study reports that 80% of turnover can be blamed on mistakes made during the employee selection and hiring process.

The Managers Best Practices Toolkit - an exclusive package of refined and bottom-line tips for interpersonal communication and leadership skill improvement. This instant download is designed especially for time deprived managers.

FREE Team Building Resources - a monthly e-Newsletter, numerous articles, a Time Management Tip Sheet, and an online workplace relationship strategies e-Course.

Customer Service Training Video DVDs - a video based program with topics such as “Handling Complaints and the Irate Customer”, “Exceeding Customer Expectations”, and “Effective Telephone Techniques”.

Take a moment now to sign up for our free monthly e-Newsletter, the People Smart Toolbox. When you subscribe, we send you two FREE valuable communication and team building resources which you can download and read immediately. Our article “Become People-Smart by Learning the DISC Language” and the 45 minute e-Course “The 7 Principles of Master Relationship Building” will help you increase your interpersonal communication skills and decrease workplace relationship tension.

We invite you to browse our site and take advantage of our free team building resources. You’ll find information about the services we provide, our training philosophy, and testimonials of our clients. You’ll get a sense of how we can help you select, develop, and retain outstanding employees who are fully engaged.


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